I am still very proud of this photo, dubbed “Raindrops”. It used to be my screen saver, so any old phone you see with “Raindrops” you might just know the owner. Oh, by the way, my screen savers are always my own originals. Helps my prayers. Pictures capture so much more than what we see. I can look at a picture and remember so much of the context that furnishes reasons to praise God.

So, “Raindrops” was taken in the freshly rain-blessed garden as I recuperated from major surgery. I have the gyne-surgeon whose time and skill was gratis, my companion whose travel was gratis, the anaesthetist who chatted about my B2 allergy before I went off into nowhere, the family from Czechoslovakia, the other Trinidadian family who provided initial accommodation, visits to Methodist churches and so many other interesting places and memories to be thankful for. I thank God for the healing that came via medical and health professionals and the lovely flowers, besides the Queen of Thorns captured in “Raindrops”

Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words, and can prompt a thousand prayers.

Having trouble praying or giving thanks? Find a photo with its memories, even the not-so precious ones, and you can get going.

This photograph came  five decades after my primary school days, in the church buildings that housed the “Grand Bay Girls’ Primary School”. But because I named it “Raindrops” it reminds me of all those days when four hundred plus girls and teachers could not continue classes in one open building, so we sang, “ Down came the raindrops” and so many other favorites. We learned quite a few songs when rain stopped regular class and ushered in song. “Raindrops” also came to remind me of sunny Friday afternoon picnics we had behind the church, or at Savanne YayYay. And other related memories live on. One picture- many memories- muchas gracias. Merci Bonnie!

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