Beaver's House Nest

Reminiscent of the bird nests at our home in Olveston. There’s one in pottery meant to be a decorative chime, a set of ceramic birds about which  Reuben will quickly tell you, “just watch, don’t touch”. He is protective of the second set of hatchlings that come from this tiny handcrafted bird which a real bird has lined with twigs to make a “doubly natural” bird nest.

The one in the photo below reminds me of our multiple nature retreats at Delices, Olveston. The photo was taken at the Old Weaver’s House in Canterbury last summer. The setting for lunch included a view of punting down the river, as well as the sitting bird right next to be table- another Nature Retreat

i have added the Olveston bird nest,with mother feeding hatchlings-  photo courtesy RTM.



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