I am writing towards the end of the day, one that was filled with well wishes. I have to note how fortunate we are, those of us who live at this time.

I had personal greetings from around 600 people today, my conservative estimate! – people I know.

That makes me feel really valued as some of them had really special things to say, things that make me happy that I’d taken the time, sometimes, to be helpful in some way- big or small.

Because of the pandemic, there were no flowers delivered, and that was OK. Google likes to send reminders; and today they sent back all the bouquets that the churches in St. Maarten gave me 3 years ago! Wow! I remember having an arrangement for every corner I could find that year! Add to these the many that came in photo form; and even though I love natural flowers, I had no shortage of flowers today!

Who says there aren’t loving people around? How else would I have made it through, though separated from most of my family members at this time?

Which brings me to one more thing- the gift of technological advances that put the World Wide Web to work for all of us. True, they’re sometimes used in unhelpful ways, but not all the time. I even got to online church today and listen to myself preach! It is not often that preachers get to hear the messages they give and be reminded of what they should practice coming from their own lips! That’s also how I managed to get so many good wishes. Most came online. The telephone calls were welcome too.

Yes, this has been a tough year for many; and the victims of abject poverty, domestic abuse, homelessness, COVID infection and other illnesses, injustice and oppression may not be poised to pray and praise in this pandemic setting; but those who can, must recognise that there is much goodness all around. You don’t need to have 600 well- wishers, only one to make a positive difference and you know that in the darkest spot, love can be found.

So play a part and share God’s love, and make the world a brighter place for someone. That’ll make it brighter for you too.