A child is born.

Mary his mother, and Joseph his father, prepared for his birth. At first, his coming was disruptive for them.  But they conquered the potentially divisive situation that would have arisen from Mary carrying a baby that was not Joseph’s child.

A Together-Team, they protected their baby and defended him against those who sought to harm him, cared for him and trained him for future service, the scope of which they could not have anticipated.

“Wise” men, who were strangers to this child, diligently sought this child because they had seen his natal star, and recognised that he was worthy.

Herod, who had made a god of himself, doing what he wanted, thinking only of himself, not caring who he hurt, feared him. Why would anyone fear a helpless baby?

What Herod was afraid of was the potential that resided in this baby. Herod, even though he would not admit it, seemed to know that “with God, all things are possible”. A greater king would surely arise. What Herod could not have known, is that he could not stop God’s plan, any more than Pharaoh could have succeeded in killing Baby Moses. “With God, all [good] things are possible.”

This is what the angel had told Mary when informing her that she was going to have a son. That was impossible since Mary was a virgin. Well, the angel had proof for Mary since her infertile cousin Elizabeth was then six months pregnant with John who was going to baptise Jesus some thirty years later. Impossible things always seem to happen in God’s scheme of things.

Mary’s story is good for every young woman who fears that being out of society’s limelight might mean a future of no importance. There is real transformative power that comes from Mary’s God. Yield to God and God brings a great yield from you, into your future. Do not ever think you’re not enough for God’s special job. Know that in you, and through you, God who created you, can do the impossible.

Your little baby boy, your baby girl, can become a big somebody in God’s scheme of things! Yield to God’s perfect way. Maybe you’re scared about the pain and rejection that might precede greatness as it was for Joseph’s and Mary’s boy. Don’t you worry. God still does the impossible.

There are so many impossibilities wrapped up in the Christmas story:

God the Transcendent One over all becomes the Immanent one, living among us – Immanuel.

God the immortal one becomes a mortal- another Adam, human who would live like us and this time, die for us. Can the immortal die? Yes, “with God, all things are possible”.

When the baby Jesus was born, guess who heard the news first? Shepherds camping out in the fields at night, protecting their sheep from pray. They were people used to doing such “dirty work” that would, no doubt, have kept them away from the temple. Should not God have sent the angels to the temple folk- the priests, or people from among the more righteous Pharisees?

With this baby, God does the impossible. God calls the outcasts, the marginalised, the not-good-enough to be part of the greatest story on earth.

Let us look at all of God’s dealings and understand that all along, God’s been dearly interested in us. Sending his Son was really sealing the deal of a whole lot of love.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son…”

There have always been different reactions to this Son whom God sent into our world.

Like Joseph and Mary, there have been those who unselfishly, obediently, accepted their place in God’s plan and let God’s love story unfold.

There have been wise ones who seek God’s truth and find it in Jesus, the One whom God sent.

There have been the self-centred ones like Herod, who foolishly place their trust in themselves, and try to undo what God is doing. Their plots all fail.

And God continues to do the impossible. Because of the Babe of Christmas, each one us has access to the God of the impossible. Let each one of us pray, “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength”.

Remember, that “he came to his own people and his own people did not accept him. BUT! To everyone who accepts him, he gives the power to live, really live, like God’s child, and God’s child is YOU.