God is God of life, and God’s gifts have value in all dimensions of life.

Who would have thought that Joseph’s gift of interpreting dreams would have been needed in the prison dungeon?

One thing that I admire about Joseph is the priority he gave to God. “Do not interpretations belong to God? Please tell them to me.” By then, we have a young man who has outgrown the cocky little boy who boasted of his dreams to his brothers and even to his Dad. He was so much more learned, and so much more humble.

Another thing I like about Joseph was his fearlessness in declaring God’s message – good news or bad. The chief cupbearer was going to be restored to his place in Pharaoh’s household, but the chief baker would face death. Joseph did not mince matters. He simply delivered the news as he got it from God.

Joseph had continued to grow in wisdom. He saw an opening for his release, and so he asked the chief cupbearer to put in a good word for him. He was sure that this man was about to be restored to his place in Pharaoh’s household. He would then be able to speak of behalf of the prisoner who had been imprisoned wrongly.

But the man forgot about Joseph. This is not unusual. The time was coming when he could not but remember the interpreter. It was not yet time for Joseph’s release. This brilliant God send of a man had some more learning to do. He was not yet ready for what lay ahead

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