Faithfulness is rewarding.

In our world, ‘looking out for yourself’ with a ‘dog-eat-dog’ mentality, a ruthlessness that trusts nobody, promises to provide insurance against those who are envious of one’s progress, In such a world, the story of Joseph’s determined loyalty to his master Potiphar, and his faithfulness to God  are instructive.

Joseph was sold as a slave to Potiphar, but he remained faithful and God not only blessed him, but blessed Potiphar through him. Joseph earned his master’s trust.

Being a handsome guy, he also caught the eye of his master’s wife who would not leave him alone. Joseph could have done as many others in his position might have- have a secret affair with Potiphar’s wife. Common practice would suggest that such an affair would have been hidden from Potiphar; but Joseph chose well, knowing that such a secret would have required him to be a slave to that woman. He was not interested. He had his mind set on the right. Instead of leading a double life, he chose to continue being loyal to his master, and faithful to God.

It did not pay off initially. Potiphar’s wife framed him and had him jailed. What an injustice!

In jail he earned the jailer’s respect. Someone might ask, “what good is there to be earned from being jailed unfairly?”

Well, let’s wait. Waiting with God bears tremendous benefits that show their worth only in retrospect.