So much drama about marrying and giving in marriage. So much drama about having or not having children.

I know that these are important life matters – I still recall my wedding day and I am thankful for the children of our marriage. But I often wonder If things had turned out otherwise, if the alternate turn of events would have meant a wasted life. I do not think so, although I’ll never know. But I guess when you do want something, especially if you want it passionately, it means the world to you.

Tamar was deprived of having her own biological children because, we read, her husband Er was wicked, and he died because of that. Then his brother Onan did not want to give up a child that would be his genetically to his deceased wicked brother, whatever their tradition demanded. So he did the birth control thing that does not seem to work these days – spilling his semen! And he died for that too. So much for poor Tamar.

She obeyed her father–in-law and lived in his house waiting to be given his third son, Shelah, in marriage. What an age gap this thing encouraged!

Anyway, Judah had tricked Tamar because he had not given her Selah for a husband. So she tricked him! She found his weak spot and played the temple prostitute. The customs dictated that she be killed for her adultery. But she was smarter that the people realised, Tamar had Judah well hooked. She had borne his baby.  In fact, two babies! More trouble- breach baby and more!

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