Save initial connection
problem got correction
wireless feed
signalled good
It was no mayday
but beautiful twenty-first day
of twenty-twenty May
when transatlantic cameras
zoomed on all a we
celebrating double anniversary
premiere in our family
first one for Cardiff toddler
thirteenth for Antiguan teenager

Birthday banner
from Google
prohibiting nothing
except eating
calorie rich cake.
that baby took for granted.
My ice cream melted down
waiting for English to get on
Welsh were in place
Cayman won the race
Montserrat steady pace
Youthful Antiguan faces
Holland made it through grace.

Singing birthday song
even zoom complied
feedback denied.
We returned home
to separate zones
taking no steps
boarding no flight
zoom party just right…
Learn to feast without food.
Do the whole world some good.

Take time to show
love whom we know
without mouth so fat
obstructing the heart.

Thank God for the web
and pioneers who
in century past
died cabling the sea
for future posterity-
prosperity of connectivity.

22nd May, 2020. Lammerweide, Zoetermeer.