dot is for nought.
wrestling since last week
the seventh day
for a word to speak
next week- the eight day.
Taught so in seminary
to wrestle with the word
or is it with the Lord?
seeing that the Word is God.
Wrestle they say
until breakthrough day
so not what on your chest
your own personal mess
spewed from pulpit
your own brand of holy shit
but message for many.
Speak “what the Lord says”.
talk is cheap
but ever so tough
making life rough
when God is pacesetter
trying no luck with even a letter
tasting how Jacob felt
all my parts out of joint!
week crashing towards end
musicians need hymns
sure they understand
that lyrics me befriend
for words begin and end
what to say
every Sunday.
Wrestling with word
when the Word is with God
can be more and less deed
let God your soul feed
or mind for thought lead.
Is that me or you Lord?
shall say is your word?
like is you tell me so
not sure that I know
what to say
when I talk next Sunday.

21st May, 2020- Ascension Day Holiday. Zoetermeer.

2 thoughts on “Wrestling With Word

  1. Wrestle they say till break through day. Indeed we wrestle with so many things But break throughs will come. So it is ok to wrestle Rev.

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