12th July 2019. An afflicted part of America weeps after two more mass shootings. The el Paso gunman’s manifesto strongly suggests that Presidential Rhetoric cannot be divorced from the Normalisation of White Supremacist Ideology,

I wonder, and I think… Here’s my poetic reflection- “TrumpNation”

Build the wall!
America not free for all.

spells invasion
by terrorist
criminal rapist
excremental slime ball!

Get lost Latino.
I still see Negro…
Black and Brown
crowding every town
once clearly white
with European migrant
indigenous inhabitant

Nationalistic rhetoric
not racism’s emetic
closes freedom gate
encloses hate
endorses fear
boils hot anger
of the already insecure.

An unseen
ever-so-obvious walled-in

high-rise ghetto
for American greed
separates human need
unlike white feed
of cowboys for AmerIndian space
or Hispanic gold on European plate

Crisis state awake
Inhuman hate
Trumped up fate
of America the Great!

Nation of fear
of culture and creed
of stranger neighbour
or children’s need

Why tell me no
And say not so
servant of the Master
Trump rules America!


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