I have shared my reflections in the wake of last weekend’s mass shootings in the US. Now I’m sharing my reflections after listening to President Donald Trump’s belated, well scripted response.

Hollow Trump-let call
White House Marketing Mall
Fake news end to hatred
division exclusion
and segregation
of stars
and beaten stripes
in land of free
and slave

Empty words
show nothing inside
of reflection
harnessing guiding
moral direction
in chaos outside
machine guns decide
not people

For what comes out defiles
where talk is cheap
surface deep
blind to beneath
dark skin
where hateful words demean

A heart removed
from words well cued
to frame
White Supremacy
racist ideology
same tongue that said
they’re shitty dead
drug pushing gangsters
creatures with no mothers
in a land needing borders
to select
the free and brave

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