This handcrafted rug was created as a tribute to my mother Iso (Isaline Anne Delsol née Lestrade) a School Teacher and later School Principal who taught me so much more than the formal learning that she insisted on. She bought me books, the whole Virtues Scholarship Course , e.g., when rural village homes had no libraries of their own.

Mammy was creative, and never wasted time. I was always learning something as along as I was near her; and doing sewing, or embroidery, and producing a variety of handicraft items became second nature. So “ Beauty Unlimited” is about the work of my hands, gifted by God to do more than writing, for which I am eternally grateful.

Finishing this project was a challenge as I was ever so busy with other responsibilities. I recall going to address a gathering at Lake Junalaska, North Carolina, and stopping in a wayside shop to get black and white fabric because I’d forgotten to bring fabric scraps along. My sister Lorraine, a dress designer, saved pieces of black and white cloth for my project which was something I pursued in between tasks, something to relax my mind on ( Oh, by the way, besides sleeping and enjoying vegetation while still or while walking, I have yet to find a pastime that is easy on my eyes!) Eventually, this treasure was finished. I named it Tribute to Iso. See it whole and get a close up view too.

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