My word just before my computer bust six weeks ago

Was heaven coming to earth could mean dread for so.

So dread is what I just read

I take to poetry instead.

I pick up after the seventh seal –

silence, seven angels and trumpets seen.

These winged instruments bring no easy deal.

Picture they have come for kill

more trouble to make way for divine will.

Instead of notes for musical mirth

hail fire and blood come down to earth

blazing tress and scorching grass

one third of everything to trash

mountain fire and pyroclastic vapour

a third live to die, even ships on sea.

Third trumpet blast calls down meteor

Wormwood’s bitter drink to kill

rivers and springs in hot water

fourth angel still finds another third

sun, moon and stars to rob of light

before eagle’s flight in darkened plight.

the living face even greater woes

when the next three trumpets blow!