I shed tears again

to release pain

growing, stirring me inside

moving the world outside

to demand accountability-

that the cause of justice begin

starting in Minneapolis

out into the World.


April twenty, twenty twenty-one

building on the curtailed life

of George Perry Floyd

triple Jury verdict

eased the squeeze

upon his neck.


Mr. Police Officer-

the under-dogs

they need to breathe.



Law enforcer dressed in suit

handcuffed yet breathing

free to see,

to feel Justice served

for all humanity

when nine year old spectator

and teenaged videographer

know that they saw wrong


Criminal Abuse of Power

Purveyor of Racist Agenda

devoid of compassion

stirring fear into poor young lives

holding them captive to inhuman scheme.


Verdict today only a start

to restoring human heart.

but now we breathe

a sigh of relief –

Time to release pent up tears and fears

Time to banish inhumane tactics

to the pit of hell

And change the world for better.

Justice is coming…


Jadiem 20th April 2021, Zoetermeer