There were only 6 seals opened in the previous chapter. In this one, the final seal has to do people who have come through, so to speak. We read that there were 24 thousand from each of the twelve tribes of Israel, sealed with God’s seal, marked on their foreheads as servants of God. That comes in verses 1 through 8.

Then the next section describes “a great multitude that no one could count” being before the throne of God, knowing the continual presence of God and celebrating an eternal end to the sufferings they had endured. This multitude comes from every nation, all tribes and peoples. So how come some people still insist that only 144,000 will make it to paradise? Is that why nowadays you have “Jews” who are not6 proselytes to Judaism but claim to be Christian? May they want to be surely in that number when the saints go marching in!

I suppose that it is all about perspectives, all a matter of how they (believers) choose to present this. There are angels (and archangels not mentioned here directly) and elders around the throne. I think now of something I heard many years ago. I once heard a revered Caribbean leader say that even in heaven there is class! That made for good political rhetoric as it seemed to strengthen the point he was making; but it only goes to show how one can present what one wants to say as gospel truth and sound authoritative with it. Welcome to postmodernity which legalises varieties of truths! Small wonder we can’t tell the difference between news and fake news. But the very fact that global society has accepted the term “fake news” is telling. It exposes the reality that we know – varying perspectives notwithstanding, there is hard core truth.

Yea, I know that my mind should be focussed on heaven where those who have come through and are in God’s presence simply worship. And I should just be absorbed in the situation where every tear will be wiped away. But this mind that God gave me, often gets carried away, no less when I read the Bible. What a book of books!

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