Words to live by.

I read words to this people – the church at Thyatira, words of the Son of God, which must therefore be, words of great significance.

I like the opening bit- “I know your works- your love, your faith, service and patient endurance. I know that your last works are greater than the first”. Great commendation!

Love is evidence of faith. Love is expressed through service. And love must endure much with patience, especially when the love we express is misunderstood for weakness, so that the one who loves is often taken advantage of, in a negative sense, that is.

People could take advantage of the example shown by someone who is loving and seek to be loving too. They can try and find out what makes such a person tick, and their searching will reveal an underlying in faith in Christ who enables persons to be loving; and because people love, they serve. But all too often, instead of being moved to love, and thus to serve, detractors are moved to hate, so that the cycle of needing and growing patience remains with God’s people.

We must persist in learning the patience to keep on loving and serving, though, for then, our last works will always be greater than our first. In other words, if we keep on loving, our deeds will reflect God’s love and we become signs of God’s live presence where we are. Yes, God’s kingdom comes in different places, in different ways, while we wait for  it to come in fulness.

But even as we obey the Lord’s ‘dos’, let us be careful to observe the ‘don’ts’ as well. Let us not harbour “Jezebels” among us, who pretend to be God’s servants, prophets even, while they lead others astray. False prophets abound to this day.  Watch them. They try to use the gospel to profit themselves. The word ‘profit’ is a sort of misnomer really, because nothing is worth losing your soul – which is what will happen if you seek to lead others away from God. You lose; they lose. Why settle for a lose-lose scenario when we can change our bad ways? Yes, we can.

Believe (have faith)



Patiently endure.

We can always listen to the voice of God and yield to God’s Holy Spirit. When we hear the truth and call it bad no matter how God tries to show us- that is to sin against the Holy Spirit who convicts us. Then we give ourselves over to “the dark things of Satan” which the Lord will shatter “with an iron rod as when clay pots are shattered.”

Let us not give in to such wrong, but rather hold on to Jesus who makes us conquer. Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

And here he promises to the one who conquers (through him of course) ‘the morning star’.

Now I have to check this out- this star- a  see what this means. Sometimes, many times, my reading raises far more questions than it answers.

O how I need you, Lord.