One thing that should excite us is that Jesus will return in glory.

7Look! He is coming with the clouds;

Every eye will see him,

Even those who pierced him;

And on his account all the

tribes of the earth will wail.

So it is to be. Amen.

I must admit that I’ve often found this more scaring than exciting! On account of him many will wail! I’ve spent many fearful moments wondering if I’ll be in the wiling party, if he’s going to catch me at the wrong time.

What is the wrong time – if all time is God’s?

Why should I be afraid if I let the Lord help me all the time?

I think the truth is that I don’t always trust him enough to let him help me all the time. Sometimes I think that I can pretty much manage on my own; because, you see, God had blessed me with some wonderful abilities. There is so much good stuff that I can do. It’s often tempting to think that I can just do good all on my own, using those same God-given gifts and abilities that reside in me.  My discipline must be to constantly subject my use of those same gifts to the scrutiny of the Holy Spirit. That is where the challenge lies for me. Upon reflection, I have recognised how my “good deeds” have antagonised others – not that people do not need to be confronted. Sometimes, they jolly well need to be. But what I’ve discovered is that when I’ve done this with eyes wide open and with a humble sense of God’s approval, there is no stressful desire on my part to get other’s approval or to get even. I can wait on God for things to turn around. And surprisingly, they do- very often too.

Yes, even the good that we too can get us into trouble, but when we learn to travel more closely with God, not everything troublesome troubles us. We recognise that the trouble we endure may provide the route to happiness; the wounded may offer the path to healing; the one judged weak may in reality be the one who shows strength.

The business of waiting on Jesus to come makes many things look the other way- upside down? After all, he came through tragedy to triumph, through death to life again. The Lord always has the last word.

Hear him:

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, who is, who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”

And so sometimes (it’s getting better) when I remember that he is coming, I am really excited; and I start looking for how he comes in the present. Every day, there is much turning upside down that happens. Although much injustice remains, for example, there is a lot of injustice and oppression being openly challenged and being destroyed. He is already trampling out the grapes of wrath and setting captives free. The kingdom of God has come in so many ways; and yet, God’s reign is still on its way.

He is breaking down the barriers,

he is casting up the way;
He is calling for his angels

to build up the gates of day:
But his angels here are human,

not the shining hosts above;
For the drum-beats of his army

are the heart-beats of our love.

May we enlist our energies in God’s activity and let our heart- beats be the drum-beats of God’s love.