Written in 29th September, 2018
My reflections after listening to Judge Brett Cavanaugh’s testimony

Angry with God
When the table turns
Righteous anger burns.
Not me.
Not he who’s me.
Why me?
When I have served you faithfully
Dispensing Justice
Confronting malice
Overturning heavy roller balls
Of corrupt political privilege
In Whitewashed Halls
Scrubbed in hypocrisy
-Not me
Not me.
I did not have sex with that woman
I did not sexually assault this or any other woman
But I believe she speaks her truth
And theirs
And countless others.

Oh so holy
Church service
Like teeth clenching ritual
Sets nobody free.
Sterile white teeth
To gnash and grind at me
I won’t forget.
At your cast stone
I whispered
Trafficking in sInlessness
Is dangerous.
And justice is ugly
With judges memory lapses
When God will not forget
To defend
the oppressed.

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