Locked out of trouble zone
where virus lurks
unseen yet shown

to propagate
microbe unknown
gets its wings
travels airborne
by BA, AA, airlines galore
worldwide flown
from Wuhan to everywhere
cruise ship docks
not places of leisure
end to pleasure
except Cuba
medicinal welcome
for victims of corona

Locked into
safety of family
primal community
barrier for fidelity
ensuring posterity
continuing humanity.

Locked down for love’s sake
bound by care-
full consideration
of vulnerable elderly
is love taking liberty
to preserve humanity
for future prosperity.

Children must live
without bringing on
the next generation.

NOW let them learn
place value at home
respect due grandpa
regard owed to granny.
Parents take lead
the call heed to restore family

THEN viral baby boom
towards more caring society
lets corona win
upside down
her crown reversal
family breakdown
in wakeup call of current lockdown.

Jadiem. 2727EV Zoetermeer 18th March, 2020

Featured image obtained from WebMD.

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