Earlier today, I posted this one on Face Book for my birthday reflection. It is a poem from 1983, about which I wrote “.. a love note to God. It seems so rudimentary considering that, by grace, I’ve risen to a higher calibre of writing”.

But looking at this infant piece of scribing is a reminder of how the Lord grows and strengthens the weak.

How could you have such faith in me
to set me writing poetry?
How could you?

Just when I thought of giving up
It seems I’m headed for the top.
Could it be?

I felt you had upset my plan.
You sent me to a foreign land.
Forgive me.

But since you flew me overseas,
You taught me how to be at ease.
You calmed me.

You trimmed my lamp that burned so low
So from within my life can glow.
You love me.

How could I have misunderstood
That all you sent was for my good?




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