Here I am reading Psalm 90 again.

Here is the Lord God, the Eternal, who has always been, who is, and who forever will be.
Here we are, frail mortals, many times good for many things, sometimes good for nothing.
With our times in God’s hands (psalm 31:15), how we spend that time can benefit others immeasurably and our good lives on, not being “interred with the bones” as Shakespeare had Mark Anthony say about Julius Caesar.
And yet, we ought to remain humble for all our accomplishments seem small in the larger picture of the One in whose sight “a thousand years are like yesterday when it is past, or like a watch in the night”.
Yes, if we have counted our days well, and lived them in God’s presence, 2019 must have a few things for which others will give us kudos, for which we ought to be proud and thankful, and about which even God may say, “well done”.
But while you and I are God’s gifts to humanity, let us never assume that we are indispensable. Even when there’s beauty in the after effects of our doings, such as the beauty I see in these dried out hydrangeas in the feature photograph (Hortensias for the Dutch), there is more fresh beauty that God is waiting to reveal in other people’s doings- just as next spring’s hydrangeas will bloom pure colour and new life!
So, let’s stay humbly thankful for the blessings we received and through which, hopefully, we blessed others through 2019.
Glory to God!

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