What a name-
Corona- fit for a queen!

What a shame!
Deadly crown
feigning global reign
frenzied fervour
international terror
contagion, obliteration,
indiscriminate elimination
treating life as game
whence it came.

Subordinate to living
just a thing
with mission of killing
causing glocal fear
pain everywhere
pushing button
Apocalyptic Panic.
Markets plummet.
Stocks diminish.
Mediciners flourish
only with funding to vaccinate
so virus doesn’t annihilate
human being.

That’s it!
Virus has no being
without the living.
Cant grow if we go.
Do we not know
parasitic sting will last
only till its time is past

Did novel killer comes to vent
next failed experiment?
School children say
Scientific biowarfare play
‘twould spell abomination
colour human perversion
with extra-violet hue
in ultra-modern scheme
of deadly sin
against nature’s vulnerability
crown Wuhan doctor Li
index of humanity
symbolic – love and truth
old and New
Capital Virtue.
real pro-life focus
at locus
of novel corona virus

Jadiem March 06, 2020 Zoetermeer, Nederland.

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