Iso and Joe

Both persons I know

who sought me

and wooed me

before I was born,

gave guidance and lessons

these Soulabay tutors –

Teacher by profession one

Order and Safety

through instruction the other

imparting truth, sharing wisdom

for everyday living

constantly preparing

future earth for heaven.


Isaline’s harmonic scales

with descant details

melodious morning symphonies

ancient Latin melodies

midday Angelus rituals

clean Ave Maria recitals

habitual Kyries plus Sunday Gloria

sweet to the ear

even in hereafter.


Joseph’s call to order

calmed chaotic ignorance

in many a dark corner

of uninformed disorder

commanded respect shown

prompted openness to Other

embraced mystery of unknown

always learning

and teaching

from prayer to plumbing

showing maturity of growing mind

querying and pondering

now stimulating

saintly wondering.


We were made better

having Joe and Iso

who nurtured faith

taught appreciation

forbade their children to human waste

inspired appetite for higher taste

toward true human

ideal reaching

learning and teaching

awe and wonder

in nature

and nurture

on earth for heaven.


Jadiem, Zoetermeer 24th October, 2020

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