Have you ever thought about this? During life’s tough moments, in our winter seasons, our vulnerabilities are more likely to be exposed.

When we are tired, or hungry, or down, for whatever reason, tough things seem and often feel tougher than they would, were up and running, so to speak.
I thought about this as I walked today and noticed the exposed bird nests in the trees. I’ve been walking this route all summer and never noticed them. I just saw the beautiful birds and heard their merry songs, sometimes from the trees above me. Today, I almost feel for them that piercing cold is about to blow its way all around their nests. Mark you, they’ve got feathers. God has them equipped for that winter!
But somehow, the exposed nests got me thinking about us humans, how external (and internal) changes can catch us off guard. That is why I personally reserve certain tasks for those times when I feel strongest. Of course, that’s not always possible. Someone might just need encouragement when I’m at my lowest and I must forget about me, bracket my pain if I must, use my pain if must, and let myself and the other heal.

I recall once telling a friend that I was too tired to deal with a certain matter. She could not understand since it was no physically demanding task she was suggesting. She persisted. I was foolish. I gave in. We had a quarrel of sorts because I shared an observation that did not go down too well with her. In my summer season, I might probably have shared the same observation and maybe we would both have laughed it over. But there was I, exposed through fatigue, and I made a royal mess of things.

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