Since Google minding my business
Can’t give in to carelessness.
Who would have known
my obedience well shown
through steps all tracked
and journeys mapped
in Google Timeline Review?

“one place” visited-

True my friends
I did not stray
from lockdown guide
was mostly inside
but only one place?
so how you call outdoor space?
Google track me through weide and veld
but counting only where I spend geld.
and mark you-
me no go ina de shop
or stand in shoppers’ queue
my son buy for us two.
I keep safe distance
where virus have little chance.

So pasture and field dem no place?
and there me give nuff tings too-
all praise and thanks and glory due.
So the Almighty is not person too?
Aah so true
Blessed One in Three
God is not a person.
And place is not where you pray
but only where you pay
only money register
count a bar
in google place tracker
so even when Big Eye follow you
is still money it tracking too.

Lammerweide 37 – 11th May, 2020

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