If the earth is the Lord’s

And all peoples are God’s

Then humanity’s child

Escaping inhumanity’s wild

war scenes of horror

Fleeing oppression threshing floor

Learned corruption generating poor

Hunger induced

through environmental abuse

  • colonialization’s legacy

at odds with native peoples

respect for earth’s sanctity


Navigating icy Channel waters

Exposed to freeze on Belarusian borders

Searching for promised refuge

On heavenly streets of gold

stolen from the poor

Prey of human trafficker

Trading in stock market gold

Pawns for neo colonial hirer


Deep yearning for freedom

In not your own Kingdom

Must everywhere know

As every land owns

God’s landscape where they go.


The earth is the Lord’s

And all people are God’s

Why new heaven on earth

Must come in place

And in abundance of grace

Sure refuge provide

As temperatures rise

And hell’s fires blaze

Through Australian summer

Or Siberian winter

Carbon emissions rise

Though COP prioritise

Then compromise

Too hard to unlearn

Showing caring concern

After history of division

Rich versus poor

Two sides we’ll have always

Till heaven on earth

Evens God’s landscape.