How did the ancient Egyptians and the Aztec Indians build with precision their pyramids and sacred sites? I marvelled that ages ago in Babel, people tried to erect a building with its top in the heavens. They imagined it. We don’t have to.

We know that human beings today can build sky-scrapers with their tops in the clouds; but this they do with the benefit of technological advancements. What took much back-breaking skill and time back them is more quickly achievable today.

Go to the media store and get yourself a good camera. One of its features will enabe you to create a panoramic view spanning an area far more expansive that you can get in any single shot. Built in camera technology zips the photographs together in sequence, and after seconds, you have a panorama ready to go!

My visit to Mesdag Panorama in the Hague was awe inspiring! To think that he had to take so many photos, create charts and graphs, plot and align views from different locations-all of this before painting the continuous scene!

Here are a couple of the many shots I took as I marveled at what a journey it was to create this picture. It is good that this work of heart, mind and hands has been preserved in this way for us to see how people created so much before our time.

Let’s be creative too. Much inspiration comes from those who have gone before us.



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