As I/ we watched the tragic fire April15, 2019

Holy hell.

Fire alarm bell.

Relics of ageless saints
Medieval window glaze
Feed infernal blaze
Red hot fire paints
And unHoly smoke
Paris dusk.

Our Lady’s House on fire
See the burning spire
View from Zoetermeer
First CNN viewer
Then BBC, Euronews, al Jazeera
Sit or stand and watch
Gasping for breath
That view to catch
Like helpless prey
In holy fear
See Norte Dame on Fire!

Even Trump tweet calls for water.

Water, Sienne water, right down there
Not good for fire to drink!
Water, holy water, right in there
As steeple boards do shrink
And collapse

Not loss of hope
Even as Father Pope
Corrects abusers
Hope consumers
Faith destroyers

Hope survives
For Christ is risen
The church too shall rise.


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