For roughly fifteen years, my left arm was my strong arm since I damaged the right arm – tennis elbow.

That worsened into a frozen shoulder wouldn’t loosen up and a right upper limb that could not carry much weight. That happened in Scotland, U.K.
I moved to St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean, and even after medication and therapy, my shoulder wouldn’t loosen up. Sometimes I could not hold a cup of tea with my right arm- too heavy. Often, I would not dare to lift an infant for baptism for fear of dropping one of God’s children dead in a rite that’s meant to symbolise life!
Well, thank God for miraculous healing in Statia. I use my right arm well enough now, but it has its limitations. I must take good care of it.
146 days ago, I damaged my left hand. The x-rays indicate that finger bones are OK now. But my strong arm has, indeed become a very weak and oftentimes painful arm!
That experience has filled me with admiration for those who do so much more with no hands than I’d been doing with two!
Well, therapy and exercises through pain have not restored it fully. However, I must add, every blessed day I see and feel improvement; and yet the hand is still not “whole”.
This has me thinking. When we damage God’s creation, it is never quite so easy to fix things back- to restore them back to how the Creator had them; and even when we do, it takes time and much effort.
Of course, I’m continuing in hope anticipating God’s time when my left hand will be well enough, (maybe like the right- not as strong as before).
The interesting thing, though, is that I had major surgery on the same day that I fell and damaged my left hand. The surgeon fixed a problem that another had previously told me was inoperable! (and that after having attempted surgery!) Thank God for the various avenues through which we heal.
Let us take good care of our bodies and the rest of God’s good creation.

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