Saviour God of today

twenty-five years from yesterday

companion on this journey

walking in our shoes

bottling our tears

calming our fears

pointing the way

through mud and ashes

helper within us pray

for Emerald City Montserrat


Practical lessons we lived

your provision through changing need

some by neighbour islands in-deed

protection from hurricane and pyroclastic flow

pillar of fire in mountain glow

spiralling moisture to mountain cloud cover

Immanuel ever-present

Over SHV omnipotent.


Refuge in you though none in shelter

Volcano psalmist lament on air

as soft hard hearts heard

calypsonians sing your word

volcano pressure not forever

sorrow and sighing we’ll get over

and learn to live together

practise maroon culture

recognise you in our neighbour.


Holy One let our lifestyle reach

and love of neighbour our learners teach

surviving eruptions misery

thriving clouds of uncertainty

can’t burn you out.

Straat brand-new creativity

reframing storytelling testimony

redefining rebuilding prosperity

like fresh black sand and new-born delta land

nature gifts from your store

architect of new creation

remake we pray

Saviour God today.

Jadiem. Lammerweide 37 !5th July, 2020.

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