I am especially thankful for the media platforms that help us to keep in touch with each other, given that I live far away from most members of my family; and in the COVID19 era I am physically distant from many whom I lead and serve.

But oh- how bits of misinformation circulate!

We can test these with the little WhatsApp forwards that we get.  Extend the circle of information to include press, radio, television and online media, and we understand that we really need to check things out for ourselves.

Last year, a close family friend sent me this photo of the Mahameru Bird Flower which “grows only in the Himalayas and flowers once in 100 years. We are lucky to see it because it will be another 100 years before it flowers again”.

A few weeks later, I noticed the same flower coming through the wooden slats between my neighbour’s garden and mine.

What did I do? I put my green thumbs to work. I wanted to see if there’d be flowers the following year, that is 2020- this year. So, I circumposed a couple branches and they rooted. This spring I planted them in my garden. The photos in this post show that the plant flowered, giving the two varieties shown in my photos.

Be critical of what you see and hear, and don’t invest your whole trust in what you read via social media!

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