It should be obvious that our perspective changes the way we view things. since perspective always depends on the angle from which one views whatever.
This year’s lockdown has been, so far, a time of thanksgiving for me. Why?

Last year, on March 29 (was to be Brexit), to be precise, I underwent major surgery. I left home for the hospital walking. Holy Saturday, April 20, was the next time I walked through my front door.
Surgery was a big success. Thank God for the surgeons, and the health team that looked after me. They’ve been delivering excellent care long before COVID 19 came along.
When I returned home, though, I was practically an invalid for a while. To make things worse, I fell and damaged my left hand en route to the hospital for surgery (I still have not recovered full use of that hand). So, while the effects of surgery meant that I could barely eat or do the stairs, the added hand problem meant that I could not even care for myself physically. Thank God for my sister Paula who had come from Canada to be with me at that time.
Granted, that lockdown did not deprive me of hugs and kisses, and a couple visits from those who could have made it. But it was agony!
When I did venture out that Saturday, I took in the beauty of nature- trees in bloom, spring all around.

So, I went out again this week to capture the view, and how it welled up in me- silent thanksgiving. If I were home I’d have shouted a Hallelujah that would not have meant “He is risen!” but I have to be very careful here. Dutch people are so ordered, that my shouting in the buurt (neighbourhood) might just bring another level of care that I neither need nor want!
So, having had to stay indoors just reminds of a time when I did that because my body had no other option. Thank God for healing!

One thought on “Looking Back (to a Year Ago)

  1. We have to be indeed thankful for what we have. There are things in life that make us realize (much) more what we have and are able to do and to appreciate them more.
    In our busy lives we should, at times, slow down and look around us to see all the beautiful wonders.

    Your message is inspiring and it touched me. Thank God that he has been with you all the way.

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