In lockdown we saw

public film of horror

technology showed

rerun episode

viewed and reviewed

in living and dying colour

oppression official

sergeant and corporal

racist blows

oppression knows

one more black man

knocked down

pressed upon

like prayer cushion

kneeling to Satan

another white man

on his neck

in time so long

door to eternity.

I can’t breathe.

it’s murder

Oh Lord how long

his neck, your neck, my neck.


Neck for necking, kissing

channel linking

head with brains for thinking

and someplace heart for loving

life blood from his mama

in that junction

void of humanity

thief of life

bereft of love

kneels on another neck

another time

black breath sapped

by while controlling force

casually denying life

dispensing judgement

for one time too many.

enough is enough.

undue death penalty

gross inequality

wicked left to tell the story

shortcut black to glory

unavailable here

but promised where

black lives matter.


Jadiem, Lammerweide. 8-9 June, 2020

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