Invisible subhuman things

visibly controlling everyday

human affairs and getting away

with continually pirating DNA

and killing people everywhere

unprecedented mass murderer

travelling through atmosphere

swimming through airwaves

floating on sewage effluent streams

traveling across land and sea

infecting yours and mine globally

COVID 19 virus the world all over.


All over soon.

Put an end to gloom.

Make pandemic cease

through knowledge increase.

Just as it steals DNA

de-oxy-ribose or ribose NA

smart scientists pirate its way

biochemical bribe for virus attachment

offers hope for pandemic containment

corona falls for fake RNA.

Praise human brains- God’s give a way

gift of intellect some explain away

in brilliant unbelief what only God can do

RNA vaccine ultramodern nano-view

new bronze serpent to look up to

borrowed power to heal me and you

God gives all-seeing share

in Creation partnership

making all things new

curbing corona disaster

vaccine thank you.