I’m getting ready to say “Goodbye 2021”

I have recently clocked the end of another year of my life on Planet Earth. I am growing older, and thankfully, wiser.

So what do I need to pursue in search of wisdom so that more of this escapable quality is evident in the person who I will be, should I make it through the year ahead? In other words, have I detected and am I willing to work on that area of my person that might tend to my becoming ‘more wise’?

One good practice I have developed is the capacity to put myself in someone else’s situation. That quality is empathy. I am not blowing a trumpet, but simply acknowledging one of the good things that God has been doing in my life over the years.

But if the truth be told, we often let good things turn bad. Within our best habits may lurk the opportunity for bad habits to grow. So, as I look back, I recognise that it is often difficult to divorce myself from the situation of another who is not, like me, seeking wisdom, but only seeking to fool me, to mamaguy, as we would say in the Caribbean. I have, in the past, fallen prey to such cheats. I want to get ahead of them in the New Year. I need more of that spirit of discernment which God gives, so that even as an understanding pastor, I don’t play the fool.

Sure, every Spiritual Gifts Inventory that I complete tells me that I have the gift of discernment. I obviously need more of this. I want more of it, Lord. I still want to continue being understanding of others, of putting myself in the position of those who are taken advantage of. I want to continue being an advocate and a helper, but I will not be anyone’s pappyshow in 2022.