Today is called “Good Friday” by many, the day when we commemorate the Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ, who was not at the time accepted as the Christ.
As I contemplate God’s great love gift in Jesus, and ponder and wonder concerning the human rejection and condemnation of the man Jesus, I reflect on the many ways in which we continue to reject him through excluding the ones through whom he comes seeking our fitting response to God’s love gift

  • When we don’t want them near us or around us, not because they will harm us, but simply because they are not like us, we continue to reject Jesus
  • When we insist on dividing, pitting them against us, like the high priest or Pilate “Jesus or Barabbas?” and there never seems middle ground to unite us, we continue to reject Jesus.
  • When we ask the trick question “offer to God or give to Caesar?” and we make it look like God’s world is only otherworldly, and abuse God’s creation and usher in environmental degradation and starvation, we reject Jesus’ concern for those at the bottom of the power ladder. Through every form of oppression, we continue to reject Jesus
  • When we will not make the effort to look for the good in others, especially those who offend us, we reject the example of Jesus through whom God shows us undeserving love. In hasty condemnation of others, we continue to reject Jesus.
  • When we maintain our position of unforgiveness, forgetting his example “Father, forgive them,” we reject the way of Jesus. We continue to reject Jesus.
  • When we think it’s all about us, narcissistic enough to believe that we can survive just in and through us, we reject the message of Jesus who shows and tells us to help those who most need us..

Jesus, where can we find you in our world today?
Look at your brother beside you…
Look at your sister beside you…
Jesus in our world today
(Doreen Potter)

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