Lent is time

to get in line
with Divine
repentance theme
self-checking scene
need no look outside
just scene of sin
hidden inside.

Hide self
reflect interior
where no one checks
outward looks
all seeing God
soul motive sees
as pretence flees
from virtual
to reality
heart moves
from religious show
to virtue.

Prophetic word.
hide yourself
in dust and ashes.
Could corona dust
hail ashes of repentance
population locked in
to look within
let evil out
good deeds output
bad habits mute
wrong behaviours uproot
hearts swell with right
prophetic insight
global need to see God’s light.


In the featured image, see the legend on the Charles Wesley tercentenary window at Wesley Memorial Methodist Church, Oxford, England. It reads a line from one of his hymns- “O that the world might taste and see the riches of his grace”.

Jadiem. Zoetermeer, Nederland 23rd March 2020


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