What a beautiful sign it is!

The rainbow in the clouds, we read, is the sign of the Noahic covenant.

O so beautiful! All the colours of light captured there. I remember learning this mnemonic in childhood- Richard Of York Gained Battle In Vain. Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Indigo-Violet! not to mention the myriad of hues and shades that exist in between these.

A symbol of beauty, of creativity, of diversity, of harmony, of possibility… of God’s faithfulness.

Beckons us to communal relations.

Calls us to obedience.

Draws us into cooperative action.

Enlightens us by erasing fear of the different.

Fuels our creativity.

Generates a desire to value other persons.

Helps broaden our outlook

Invites us to adventure and travel with God.

Justifies our respect for all kinds of persons.

Kindles our desire to explore the in-between colours and meanings.

Leaves us in awe of God and lightens the darkness of depression.

Makes us confident of our inherent value.

Notes that loneliness is a travesty of creation’s ideal.

Opens our mind to the vastness of God’s possibility.

Proves and Prompts our awareness of acceptance by God.

Questions our deep-seated fears about issues of diversity.

Reminds us of God’s abundance.

Speaks to protection of earth’s environment.

Teaches us to explore the beautiful benefits God’s Presence.

Underlies the inspiration to art and aesthetics.

Varies perspectives as we trace its scheme of changing possibilities.

Wakens desire to change and washes away fear of becoming better.

eXcites us and eXpects us to grow secure in God’s protection.

Yields Yearning to trust the God of promise.

Zooms our Zeal for sincere togetherness for which we were made.

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