A woman’s life was lost in saving that of her child.

Many a woman has, over the centuries, lost her life in childbirth. That’s a small part of the argument that pro-choice proponents present.

It would be good to know that the children who survive live productively and do not endure the same kind of ordeal as mothers who give birth to stillborn children. Death of a loved one, early or late in life, brings it share of trauma.

We know from reading, that Jacob had a special place for Rachel, the deceased mother. He wanted her before Leah was given to him; and her wanted her after, so that he worked seven years more for Laban, so he could have Rachel as his wife.

Of course, the child who survived was going to be extra special. Either his Dad (or himself) would blame the baby for the mother’s death, or the baby would be cherished as a living reminder of his mother. That special connection would not fare well with Joseph’s eleven brothers.

After all, this family started in dysfunction- Laban’s tricking Jacob, Jacob’s cheating Laban. And yet, in many ways this blended family with the children of four mothers, connected by blood and patriarchal customs, would weather many storms together. They had a winding road ahead to travel.

When their grandfather died, his once estranged sons were one, as brothers, in burying their father; and after that, life went on.

Round the corners of the world I turn,
More and more about the world I learn.
All the new things that I see
You’ll be looking at along with me

Sydney B. Carter, 1915-2004

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