Not everyone takes dreams seriously.

Dreams can be funny sources of comic relief, only a pity that some of the extra funny things won’t stick in my memory once I’m awake, so I can’t always have a good laugh.

But maybe dreams provide spaces where we go without knowing to de-stress over issues we might not even have considered seriously. At least, some observations in psychology support this view.

Some prominent teachers thought that dreams can be indicators of psychological issues going on behind the scenes. Sigmund Freud was pretty sure that a linkage existed between dreams and unconscious desires. Carl Jung valued dreams as important means by which the psyche communicated to individuals.

I wonder what moved Jacob’s dream? Was his unconscious harassed by the not-so-nice traits that resided in him? Was it his desire to really meet God? After all, he dreamed of this ladder connecting earth to heaven, with  angels going up and coming down.

And in his dream, he did meet God.

Or some will say that since he was not in control, God met him! And God did meet him. The Lord promised to stand by him and bless him, to honour his promise to Abraham.

And it was a lucid dream, to the extent that it is recalled vividly.
And Jacob remembered the details, so much so, he called the place Bethel, meaning House of God. And he made an oath based on his dream “experience”. He promised to give a tithe of all that God would bless him with.

So whether dream to forget, or dream to remember, Jacob remembered. he met God, in a place where he least expected.

Indeed, we see it this early. God is everywhere. Don’t be surprised if the Omnipresent God shows up in your dreams.

Help me , Lord, to honour your presence wherever I am.

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