God sees and God hears.

Sarah was offended by two brothers playing together. The older brother had “happened” because she wanted to ensure that Abraham had an heir, so she “gave” her maid Hagar to her husband.

I cannot be sure exactly what male jealousy is like since I am a woman. But Sarah’s jealousy compels me to examine myself time and over again. I need to know that I do not possess that kind of jealously. Or is this coming from her sense of regret? Maybe she didn’t want to be reminded of her mistakes. But we do read that she did not want Ishmael to share her son’s inheritance. That’s jealousy however one chooses to describe it.

Yes, I need to know that I do not possess that kind of jealously, that God has delivered me from any such tendency of it existed in me. I do have stepchildren. Even though I was in no position to “give” these mothers to my husband (since I knew them not), he fathered their children. Lord, help me always to respect that; that these children are every bit as human as our children who are the fruit of my womb, or as our last son who does not even share our genes.

Poor Hagar. She was sent away by Abraham who was pressured by his wife so to do, so we read. Abraham could get her to tell half-truths twice, to say that she was his sister and pretend not to be his wife (and he could not get her to relent in this matter?) I guess that, in that sense, she shared Hagar’s experience of “being given” to Pharaoh.  I don’t understand why the only way out was to send the boy and his mother into the wilderness.

Hagar did not want to see her son die; but God saw the child and he saw her. When she opened her eyes, what did she see? Life giving water to sustain them.

God heard the voice of the little boy while he wept. God heard him and God saw him. Your distress and mine is not hidden from God, especially when the distress is prompted by oppression.

So “God was with the boy and he grew up.”

Whose child is this? I ask

A child you’ve never known?

Is it too great a task: to love him as your own?

With food and shelter, tender care,

A healing touch and clothes to wear:

With outstretched arms, will you be there

Each child is God’s child, yours, and mine

You are a gift of love divine

Once Jesus said, “Let all

the children come to me.”

If you would heed this call, like Jesus you must be

Let all the children come to you –

The least, the last, vast numbers few.

Our Saviour bids you love them too

ST Kimbrough


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