The previous chapter ended with Pharaoh’s demand that every boy born to the Hebrews be thrown into the Nile.

Well, here is a baby boy, gently put in the water on the banks of the river, tucked away among the reeds at the riverside. He has SOOO much protection from, i.e. against Pharaoh. For one thing he isn’t quite new-born and has been somewhat acclimatised to life outside the womb; and he’s already got lots of milk from one of the Vigorous Hebrew Women (1:19). His baby basket has been waterproofed. It’s made of papyrus, environmentally friendly; it can sit in the place like it belongs there. The boy in the basket has a sister watching over him while he is in hiding. Well babies cannot hide. He does the baby thing- He cries. And Pharaoh’s daughter finds him. Being aware of her father’s anti-Hebrew plot and knowing that “he must be one of the Hebrews’ children,” she is attracted to the little boy. “She took pity on him,” we read.

And pronto. Miriam offers to find a nurse who is none other than Moses’ mother. Paid to give the child special treatment, she really does, for this is her own special child. So, the baby boy will get more of his mother’s milk, all of his mother’s tuition, life with his own biological family, and the upbringing that he should get as a Hebrew. And he will know his identity. His formation is secured and somehow, he will be exposed to the royal court and the royal life.

God does move in mysterious ways performing miraculous wonders. God does work behind the scenes in ways that our puny minds can never grasp. God even uses the means and the agencies of those who would fight against God’s plan in order to get God’s will done. God’s purpose for that baby is not going to be thwarted, not by the mighty.

A friend once said to me that there are many mighty but only one Almighty.

The Almighty God works out the divine purposes in ways that puny human minds cannot grasp. Who can fathom the ways of God?