Last weekend, we enjoyed brunch at the famous Euromast Tower in Rotterdam.

To me, the tower itself isn’t that spectacular to look at, unless you let it be framed and fringed with touches of nature, such as the trees in my feature photo. Peering through the woods, I beheld something really exciting, but the bare tower looks just like that-bare- as you see below.

But when you look from the ground, you have yet to see the better part. From a height of ninety-six or one hundred metres, you see beauty- the admirable work of human hands blending into the beautiful natural landscape- such as the towers in the Hague and steeples in Delft some distance away. From another angle you get to view the Erasmus Bridge and Towers of Rotterdam, architectural advances that made good on the terrible destruction of World War Two.

At times, it’s hard to distinguish between the gifts of nature and human achievements. For example, the Port at Rotterdam. It’s natural water, alright. From the tower I can see crossroads in the water that, if I know better, I  would think they were always there.

I did enjoy a tour of the harbour itself last year, but this view is something else to be thankful for. I’ll share some bits. If you get to see for yourself, so much the better.


One thought on “Euromast Tower, Rotterdam

  1. Wow, This is so nice that you were able to go there.
    I really have to put thins on my bucket list.

    Thanks for sharing.

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