Even writing the word “beauty” as I think of the dandelion, requires me to relax a bit, quell my inside, and admit that, in fact, the dandelion is a beautiful flower.
But I don’t like dandelions when they show up in my small lawn patch! Last year my sister spent much time and effort digging them out by the roots. So, I followed her example and I’ve been digging deep, ruining the patch of lawn really, digging out dandelions from way beneath the surface of the soil. The more I dig, the more they appear.
Yesterday, as I returned from my meditation walk, I noticed that a few dandelions had set themselves up in the spaces between the concrete tiles in my front yard. While I was spending valuable time trying to get rid of them from the back, they were flourishing at the front!
And guess what. I stopped and beheld their beauty and took a shot of this one.
While I’m not sold on growing bee food all over my lawn, I must admit that I’m no longer sure it’s worth the effort of having one’s grass weed free. You can’t fight nature without tiring yourself needlessly.
Did I say, “I give up”?
No. I still have some weeds (I mean dandelions) to uproot.

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