This is photo of water- crystal clear water. Bu what do you see of the water? Just the ripples where it moved.

Beneath the water, though, you see things as they really are. That’s the ocean floor, beneath waters of the Caribbean Sea.

When waters are murky, what is beneath is hidden and what you see is the mess in the water itself.

So too, with people’s lives. I’m not suggesting that we must all be “see through”. Everyone doesn’t have to know what’s on your mind. Yes, some thoughts should be private until such time we decide to share them, if and when we do.

But it is also true that our messy lives can become sources of confusion to others. If we are not persons of integrity, then what people see of us can be diametrically opposed to what they get when they encounter and interact with us as persons. It’s a muddle of sorts when we say one thing and do the other, or pretend to be other than we are. Such confusion can lead others astray. So, for our sake and that of others, let’s try to be as clear as it is healthy to be – not murky and confusing to those who would have us as their mentors.

Let our lives say, “what you see is what you get”. in other words walk the talk”.

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