As I walked on this sunny autumn day and noticed the external changes, I looked backwards with me and inside of me and noted, that I too, have changed.

Change can be good. Life without changes would be static, ever so boring. The Creator leads the way in effecting change and reminding us that change need not be something detrimental.

As I walked and enjoyed the weather, I realised that just my feelings were the result of  of change



As a young adult, this Caribbean girl was exposed to what I considered harsh Canadian weather. The “beautiful, colourful fall” was not something I could enjoy, at least not while outdoors. Good colours to look at through glass windows, nice shades of maple leaf red, orange, gold and brown, but not the outside air! It felt just too cold for me. I still recall my neighbour jokingly remarking that I was wearing my winter coat early! She had no way of knowing that I’d told my husband, daughter and unborn son that I would only accompany them outside after I had a warm enough coat.

As an older adult, I lived through three Scottish winters. Funny, my discomfort was mostly with the fact that the place was grey. The short days were accentuated by the fact that the sun hardly seemed to shine in Edinburgh, and there the winds were furious. I went out religiously though, walking my way into fitness, wearing a few layers to ward off what felt like icy breezes. A Brit once told me that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad dressing! So, I dressed to suit. It was really funny when in June, one of my colleagues remarked that I’d shed a lot of weight. To this I observed that I had simply shed layers of clothing.

Now, as a very mature adult, I ‘m surprised at how I felt today. The sun must have made the difference. I really didn’t feel the cold at all. Instead, I simply enjoyed the colourful shades of autumn. There was I walking among the fallen leaves and noticing beauty beneath my feet, and above my head.

Indeed, I have changed. It is not that I am acclimatised. I will never “love” cold weather and still be me. But I have learned, I guess, to go with the flow when the flow is beyond me to steer. Of course, if it’s too cold and rainy, I’ll simply find a project that I can enjoy indoors unless, of course, duty demands that I go out. Sometimes it does.

But then, what would life be if I didn’t sometimes have to change from doing what I want to do to doing what I have to do?  Our attitude to changing demands is all part of the change that’s required of us as we become mature persons. It’s about attitudinal change as much as it is about the change that happens to our bodies with passing years. And that too, is worth celebrating.

I recall a lady once saying that her wrinkles were proof that she’s been around. Why do we want to grow old and still look like teenagers? It’s nice to keep fit, to be fit, to look fit, It’s great when we can take care of our bodies and not allow them to get run down. But let’s not idolise them. We must change inside and outside as we journey through life. Change can be a good thing.