Brexit delay
extension past MayDay

The boar is bent
Ultimatum sent
Halloween date
is Brexit fate
If no deal leave
let us not grieve
gladly receive
Self determination
Promise of transatlantic cooperation

Boris too bold
thought he had hold
but let truth be told
no Brexit gold
Britain, Europe, the world the loser
Big sinner
having cake and eating
historic selfish living
in a world dying
from hunger pangs
of capitalist gangs
exploited global wealth
for European few
still trying colonialism new

Keep our shores
free of refugee scours
let have nots remain
whence our wealth came.
We want out of responsibility
to heal broken community
Irish, Welsh, Scottish, English or British,
European and American
Asian or African
Russia for Korea
Afghan and Iranian
India versus Pakistan
Chinese with Japanese
Israeli and Iraqi
together tackle poverty
tame nuclear energy
heal the environment
earth meant for betterment
of all who live.

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