International relief!

Biden is Commander in Chief

people swearing in November

pandemic fear soon over

wearing mask on every face

from Washington to Times Square

Atlanta and Philadelphia

Minneapolis Minnesota


Democratic victory won

to voters coloured red or blue

respect for people of every hue.

With Kamala more than black and white

Asian, Arab, Jew, minority view

American uniting glue

for country moving ahead

to newness again

end infighting and campaign

let strength of community reign

America the world awaits

your next round of leadership


Captain Biden steer the ship.

Usher future harmony

among persons of differing views

between countries of alternate style

show healthy regard for global norms

The whole world waited too

four days counting with you

prayed for freedom to win

even victory even razor thin.


Now prayers go up

for Trump to grow up

maturely own up

he lost bad fight

boosting racist supremacy

while claiming Black Latino ascendancy.

Trump, exit White House graciously

and restore American dignity.

Jadiem, Zoetermeer, 7th November, 2020.