Beirut seaport blast!

fourth august event
released potent six years pent up

in chemical carelessly stacked up.

benign fertilising property lost

to warehouse corrosion fuels

massive explosive reaction

malicious anaerobic toss up

poisonous mushroom plume

blowing nitric oxide pollution

from marine cargo consumption

seaborne bomb meets detonation

taking lives and spoiling goods

crumbling silos holding food

striking hospitals crumbling residences

raising sounds of frustration

showing mounds of corruption

flattening hope of reconstruction

inside COVID situation.

Fourth august event

count civil war resolution

end Hezebollah Israel confrontation

house Syrian evictions

Macron understands protestations

promises before and after

fourth august event.


Lord hear us we pray

save Beirut today.

just as Macron spoke

may Lebanon cope

conquer in hope

to thrive again

as neighbours lift each other

leaders confess part in woes

Lebanese conquer mistrust

of Muslim Mennonite Jew

citizens restore human-ness

and your world promotes success.


Jadiem, Lammerweide 37, Zoetermeer. 6th August 2020.



Photo taken at site of Our Lady of Lebanon

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