BIBLE JOURNAL- Description

In these reflections, I take the risk of letting my mind go.

These are not sermons based on any sort of exegesis, nothing necessarily built on the core intent of the biblical text. If you want sermons, then meet me in another forum.

They are not even the result of Lectio Divina although that would more closely represent what I write here. I just allow myself to be free, free with God; and now, I have decided, also to be free with you too – sharing freely thoughts occurring as I read below the surface.

Exodus 4: 18-31 God Makes a Way

Moses’ plan to return to Egypt was nothing clandestine. He went directly to Jethro, his father-in-law to state his intention. And as the Lord would have it, the man put no stumbling

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Exodus 4: 1-17

I think I have a pretty good idea how Moses felt. Yes, there are times when I am very sure of God’s presence, and I need no human validation to know that

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Exodus 3: 7-22

All the while the Hebrew people were enduring misery, God was aware of their plight. “I know their sufferings,” God said.

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Exodus 3:1-6

The burning bush is not described as an ordinary event. The bush was burning and yet it was not burnt out- nothing like the fires that consume mountainsides in California or Siberia

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